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Apps, Blogging, Business, Entrepreneur, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry, and assistance to site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines,” SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Technology are all covered in the Firmware file.

Commenting Procedures

The firmware file “I.G” encourages readers to remark on our articles and columns, both positively and negatively. Please bear in mind as you make your views heard that we promote posts that:

Are you on the right track?
Take the conversation forward.
Show consideration for others.
Allow for more debate among readers.

We do keep an eye on the comments. Comments are discouraged and will be removed:

That is spam.
That are defamatory and add nothing to the conversation except to the poster’s search engine rankings
Ad hominem assaults are those that are off-topic and employ harsh or excessive filthy language.

What is the best place to send general questions, feedback, and comments?
Not sure who to contact? Do you have a question for us? Have a thought on something we’ve written? Have you discovered a mistake? Please send us your comments. Everyone on the IG team will be listed here if you want to contact a specific editor, are a member of the press, are searching for coverage, want permission to reprint, or want to advertise.

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Our editors are glad to answer questions from the press about Apps, Blogging, Business, Entrepreneur, Make Money Online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Technology.

Requests for writing, speaking, and consulting

Speaking engagements and consultation requests from IG editors are also possible.

Requests for Permissions

IG receives a lot of requests for permission to utilize the site’s content. Below is information on how to make a request. The following are some popular queries and their answers:

Is it okay if I make a link to the site?

Yes. To connect to the site, you do not need to ask permission.

Is it okay if I put a frame around the site?

No. To present pages from the site within frames on your own site, you must first obtain permission from the site.

Is it okay if I copy pages and post them on the internet?

No. It is forbidden to copy pages from the website.

Is it possible to copy pages and distribute them in a non-online format?

No, unless you’ve been granted permission. Permission is frequently obtained, especially for charitable purposes.

Do you have a request to make?

Please visit our Reprint Policy for more information. Provide as much information as possible about your request, such as who will read the content, how many copies you’ll need (if needed), and why you’re requesting it.


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