Best Phone OS for Developers: Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS?


Operating systems help in making it functional and usable. Operating systems enable us to carry out operations like saving files, deleting, editing, and other functions on our Computer system.

For developers, preference for an OS may not be based on how fancy it is but based on certain characteristics that make development easier.

In this post, we are going to rate the two most popular OS for smartphones based on 4 variables and you will decide for yourself at the end.

Some OS demand higher standards, therefore, making development work more tedious. Some, however, are more lenient and open when it comes to standards and requirements for developers.

If you are an aspiring developer, make sure you read this post to the end to know the best OS for developers and why.

Open Source


This is an important factor for developers. Open-source software is software that can be reused by a third party. When it comes to this aspect Android takes all the glory.

Unlike Apple, Google allows free distribution of its operating system as long as your devices meet Google’s basic requirements. Apple on the other hand does not allow redistribution of its OS to a third party. That’s why Apple’s OS is only available on Apple devices. Whether an OS is open source is an important question developers ask. An open source OS allows developers to do more.


App market


Another aspect that is important for developers is the app market size and the app submission policy. No developer would love to develop for an OS with a low app market size.

Apple store is notorious for its stringent policies on app submission standards especially when it comes to user privacy. Notably, upcoming developers do not have a chance at developing for the iOS app market, therefore they settle for its close rival- Google.

Wide Adoption

Android is available in more than 20 different products of the phone. Samsung, Tecno, Xiaomi, Redmi, etc all make use of the Android operating system. This means developers for the android platform will have more apps downloads than their fellows at Apple.



In the world of 5G, big data, and IoT, data privacy and safety are becoming an issue of concern day by day. Privacy concerns by both the app users and developers. Safeguarding usage data and identity is an issue of utmost concern for all people.

No wonder, some people using Apple’s iOS because of the safety net it provides against privacy breaches and identity theft. Apple scans all its apps to ensure all apps meet privacy and safety concerns. Something that is not popular with the Android operating system.

In conclusion, the two operating systems compared offers a level playing ground for all developers. However, one is most preferred by developers, due to variables that are favorable to their job.

If I am to make a personal judgment, I will say the android operating system is preferred by most developers because app development on the Android platform is easier. The android OS being open source can be customized to suit certain tastes. Also, more people use the Android operating system globally than Apple’s iOS.



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