Different between Onitsha brought up and Lagos brought up

Different between Onitsha brought up and Lagos brought up

Wonderful morning to everyone, I welcome you all once again to our latest topic, which talks about difference between Onitsha and a Lagos brought up.

As you all may know, living in onitsha is very stressful and as the same with Lagos.

The same cities almost exbite the same thing, except in land mass, because generally lagos state at large is bigger than Anambra state, where onitsha city is located.

Onitsha and Lagos are overpopulated cities with major markets which people always struggle to enter, the road to the market are always over occupied by people and motors.

Onitsha main market is regard as the biggest or largest market in the whole West Africa why Ladipo market in Lagos State is regarded as the biggest spare parts market in West Africa.

The major difference between Onitsha and Lagos in terms of business is the Seaport, the international airport for importing or exporting cargoes are the major difference when it comes to business between Lagos and onitsha.

The reason behind not having a seaport or cargo airport around or within Onitsha environs is because, you know in 1967 to 1970 there was civil war and after the civil war between #Biafra and Nigeria, they have never tried to build such infacstructure in that area but nevertheless the area are still developing based on the kind of talented the igbos from that side are.

Another major difference between Onitsha and Lagos in terms of business is that the Lagos road are so occupied unlike major road that leads to Onitsha market in which is almost the same thing but not as that of  Lagos, so you have a chances of getting home earlier while residing in Onitsha as a business man than in Lagos as a businessman or even as a  government worker you still have chances of returning home after work earlier than in Lagos that’s another major difference between Onitsha and Lagos when it comes to business.

Now let’s talk about Bringing up a child in Lagos and bringing up a child in Onitsha.

A child born and brought up in Onitsha can say to be extremely wise and calm, though some will be wise and rugged, also same as lagos. but there is one slite different between the two cities when it comes to wiseness,

An Onitsha brought up can be very wise and at same time be calm as if he knows nothing but lagos brought up likes showing off his ruggedity and wiseness.

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