How to effectively control and monitor your Data Usage on Android

set data limit on android

Many Android have complained about their phones consuming a lot of data. Data usage is high on android devices because many apps use your data without your knowledge. Sometimes it may also be due to our carelessness.

Data usage is an issue of concern especially for those from countries where public WIFIs are rare and cheap data remain a utopian dream.

Many factors lead to high consumption of data by your Android devices. We will discuss all the factors as well as ways of reducing or controlling data consumption on your Android phone.

Causes of High Data Consumption

  • Too many background processes/ Apps that use data: This is the number one cause of high data consumption on Android devices. When you have too many apps running in the background that uses data, then it will lead to high consumption of data.


  • Android Update with Data is on: Most people are not aware of this. When you choose to update your OS with cellular data, it will consume your data without your knowledge. Although most devices come with WIFI as the default option, it may not always be the case. Even if you will switch Android on, make sure it is set to WIFI only


  • Your Network Data is not Actual: Sometimes when you purchase 100MB of data, you will notice it will finish within seconds. Some Telecommunication Network providers have been accused of cheating customers when it comes to data pricing.


  • You are carelessly using your Data: Imagine having just 100MB of data and you want to stream an hour of video on YouTube or Netflix. Most people use their data carelessly and when it is exhausted they complain. To control your data usage, set limits on the total amount of data you can use per day.



How to Monitor and Reduce your Data Usage

  • On Data Saver: This is the best and most effective method of monitoring your data usage on Android. When the data saver is switched on, it will restrict data traffic to apps that are being actively used only. All other background processes will be denied data access.


  • Set data Limit: Another important step in reducing data consumption is to set data limits. Once the data limit is set, you will be automatically disconnected once the limit is exceeded.


  • Off Automatic Update: You wake up one beautiful morning and see over 40 apps are waiting to be updated. Automatic app update for Google play is a data shark that you must avoid. Instead, go for a manual update and choose the apps you want to update yourself.


  • Switch off Data when not in Use: It is always a good policy to switch of anything we are not actively using. The same policy goes for our phone’s data. Whenever you are not actively using your data, it is advisable to switch it off.

You have learned all you need to know about reducing data usage for Android. Next is to implement these guides and see how they work. If you have further questions or inquiries you can ask in the comment box below this post and a prompt response will be given.

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