Purchasing laptop as a Nigerian Student [Top 4 important things to Check]

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As a student in a tertiary institution, having your Laptop is one of the most important factors that can make your academic journey seamless.

Nowadays, most assignments are typed instead of the traditional method of writing with Biro and Paper.

Some departments even take possession of laptops for 2 ND year students and above compulsory. For example, students in departments like Architecture, Computer Science, Cyber Security Science, Urban and Regional Planning require laptops as an essential part of their study.

With the digitalization that’s going on at the global level, students who want to match with their peers around the world must take a chance of e-learning which is only accessible through devices like a laptop.

Purchasing a laptop especially as a Nigerian student is a great choice but at the same time very tricky.

This post will outline the top 4 most important things to check before purchasing a laptop and a Nigeria. You may also want to check this post on the Top 5 factors to look out for when Purchasing a Smart Phone. (link the two posts for SEO).


Top 4 Factors to consider when purchasing Laptop


Operating system

We discussed extensively operating system in this post (link to the other post). A phone’s operating system is no different from a computer operating system.

An operating system is an interface that makes your computer operable. Operating systems are just like ingredients we add to food to make it consumable.

Without an operating system, your computer will be useless. There are two types of Operating systems; the Graphical user interface and the command-line interface. However, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is most preferred because it makes user navigation easier.

Choosing the operating system, you will use is one of the most essential factors you must consider before purchasing a new computer. An operating system like MAC is only restricted to Apple devices, so if you want to use a Mac computer you must budget for an Apple device which is quite expensive.

Windows OS on the other hand is available for almost all devices, making it very flexible and highly recommended especially for students.




As a student, you are going to need a laptop with a fair storage capacity to be able to store your apps and files.

The laptop storage system works just like phone storage. The storage system is divided into the permanent memory (ROM) and temporary memory (RAM).

For larger storage, you may need a Hard disk. However, Solid State Drives (SSD) are said to be more fast, reliable, and energy-efficient. SSDs however are very expensive, so you may consider settling for an HDD (Hard disk drive) or SSHD (Solid State Hard disk)- which is a combination of SSD and HDD.

A good laptop should have at least 4GB of RAM and 250GB of ROM.


Another important thing you must check is the processor generation. With each passing generation, the processor technology keeps getting better.

An intel core i5 5 TH Generation laptop will be better than an intel core i7 2 ND Generation. It is important to take note of the generation of the processor before purchasing your Laptop. The higher the processing speed the higher your efficiency and longer battery.


Your Budget – money at hand


Another important factor and the most important to me is your purchasing power. All that we’ve talked about is not possible without purchasing power.

The first question you will be asked when you want to purchase a laptop from a store will be, ‘What is your budget?’ your budget is your purchasing power. To get a good laptop in Nigeria you need to budget about 75k.

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