The Top 4 Most Essential Factors to Check When Purchasing A New Smart Phone

We are in a digital age and phones have become a non-dispensable companion. During the early years of Telephone, purchasing a phone for personal use is not too tricky. But with the development of Smartphones and smart devices, there are some important properties we must look out for when purchasing a new Smartphone.

In the Smartphone market, Android and IOS have proven to be the major industry players. Therefore, in this post, all the factors we will consider will be focused on IOS and Android devices.

Below are the top essential factors to look out for when purchasing a new smartphone;

Phone Operating System (OS)

The first factor to consider when purchasing a new device is the operating system. A phone’s operating system is similar to the Computer’s operating system. An operating system is software that supports the basic functioning of the phone. The operating system helps you to perform a task such as scrolling, opening folders, playing music, making calls, etc. using the phone’s graphical user interface.

The main players in the OS industry are IOS and Android; owned by Apple and Google respectively.

When buying a new phone, the first factor you must consider is the OS. The type of OS you choose will help you determine the product and type of phone you will purchase.

If you want to use an IOS operating system, then you are going to purchase an iPhone, because that’s where IOS OS is installed. If you, however, choose to use an Android device, then you will have a wide range of devices to choose from. Phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Redmi make use of the Android operating system.

Apple’s IOS is known to be very secured and privacy-sensitive, unlike Android devices which are flexible and more developer-friendly. Android has an advantage over IOS because it is very developer-friendly and open source.

Storage: RAM and ROM

The second most important factor to check when purchasing a new phone is the size of the RAM; Random Access Memory and ROM; Read-Only Memory. The RAM is the storage that your phone use to operate, while the ROM is the storage similar to a card that’s inbuilt in your device.

A good phone should have at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM.


The processor is the core control of your phone. If you do a heavy task on your phone, then you need to seriously consider purchasing a phone with a good processor. Apple devices are known to have better processors than their peers in the smartphone market. Processors like Apple’s Bionic chip and the Snapdragon are examples of good processors that can carry out heavy tasks comfortably.


This may not matter if you live where there is a constant electricity supply. However, those who live in an area where there is a low electricity supply should consider purchasing a device with good battery life. A battery of about 3500MaH is fair enough. Also buying a phone with a large battery life will considerably reduce the charge cycle of the battery. A charge cycle is the period between full charge and total shutdown. The lesser the charge cycle, the healthier, and more stronger is the battery life

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